Our pH Meter endpoint is based on Sensor IT’s current to voltage converter board, which includes a 20-bit Analogue to Digital converter that is capable of interpreting a 4-20mA signal into a digital value. The 4-10mA range is a standard output signal from many sensors and probes, and hence our board can be used with a wide range of data capturing devices, provided they comply with said standard.

Once the signal is converted to a digital value, the board sends the data Wirelessly to a Backend application for further processing. Wireless protocols that can be implemented include:

Technical Details

The endpoint comprises several elements, as represented by the figure below.

Layer 1

Field Probe

Field probes capture data on a particular parameter and communicate with the next layer using a 4-20mA variable current data interface

Layer 2

Main Board

Developed and manufactured by Sensor IT, the main board interprets the data captured by the Field Probe and sends it through a communication data interface, typically wirelessly

Layer 3


Run by Sensor IT or any other third-party, the Dashboard captures the data generated by the Main Board and presents it in an actionable way for end users to act on

Sensor IT does not manufacture the Field Probes. However, given the standard data communication method implemented by the Main Board, any Field Probe that complies with it would be suitable for our endpoints, and hence compatible with the system.