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Pinewood Smart Homes

Advances in technology, especially the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), now means critical, and sometimes not so critical, operations and elements of a home can now be automated, streamlined through technology and improved. These advances mean some critical aspects can now be proactively monitored and controlled, adding to residents’ convenience, increased safety and better overall life quality.

The Solution

Since November 2021, Sensor IT has been participating in a one-of-a-kind project aimed at converting a village hall in Whitehill & Bordon into homes for the homeless. The local council in East Hampshire District plans to construct individual studios inside what will be the Pinewood Village Hall on Rydal Close. The project was completed in December 2022 – See press release below:

As pointed out in the press release, the new homes feature a number of innovative elements destined to creating sustainable, zero-carbon, inclusive dwellings for their occupants, incorporating state-of-the-art sensors which monitor movement, air quality, sound levels and building quality, and feed the data back to the housing association so they can monitor the residences in real time. The sensors can detect problems such as faults in pipes before any ruptures happen, allowing for proactive maintenance, which is more cost-effective than repairs. Intelligent sensor-controlled LED lighting and QR codes on household equipment bring up instruction manuals in a number of languages.

Technical Details

Sensor IT is part of the group of companies that will deliver on this unique and highly innovative initiative, overseeing the custom design, development, manufacturing, installation and integration of all smart sensors to be deployed as part of the project.

Air Quality Monitoring

Structural Health

Noise Monitoring

All endpoints are designed, developed and manufactured by Sensor IT. Hover over the element above, represented by a yellow dot, to find out more.

All sensors and additional connected devices, such as the smart lighting system, will be controlled and monitored through Sensor IT’s Dashboard, where the information will be presented graphically and interactively.

Target Audience

We will be supporting the local council and homeless community, which is one of the most vulnerable both in the district and nationwide. 

The project was so succesful that it even featured on ITV news (UK National News Channel). You can watch a short clip, where our sensors get some coverage.

NOTE: the attached video is hosted on a YouTube channel. Sensor IT is not responsible for the content or image rights hosted by this channel, and any issues or complaints must be addressed by interested parties to YouTube, not Sensor IT.

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