Air Quality Monitor

Sensor IT’s Air Quality Agent provides detailed, real-time data on CO2 levels informing the user when a room needs ventilation to improve the air quality and reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection.


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This deviced presents CO2, and other ambient data, to the user through a graphical dashboard showing a number of parameters that include:

  • Carbon Dioxide Concentration (CO2) in Parts Per Million (PPM)
  • Air Temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit degrees
  • Air relative humidity (%)
  • Air pressure in hPa (hecto-Pascals)

The Agent also displays a historical data on CO2 concentration, taking a sample every ten minutes, covering a period of over one hour and a half in total (100 minutes)

The device conforms to Sensor IT’s Open Architecture Design (SOAD) introduces a new and innovative concept for Internet of Things devices, bringing a new level of adaptability and customisation to everything we design and manufacture whereby they can be customised to meet particular and specific requirements, as required by our customers.

The Air Quality Agent could, for instance, be redesigned to integrate with the customer’s monitoring, or even their SCADA, systems, with the data transmitted adapted to their specific communication protocol.

Examples of CO2 concentration and the correspondent Air Quality are provided below.

CO2 Concentration


Air Quality
350-400 Normal background concentration in outdoor ambient air. This concentration can only be achieved with extremely good ventilation
400-600 Concentrations typical of occupied indoor spaces with very good air exchange
600-900 Good air quality. If possible, it is recommendable to keep the concentration closer to the lower limit
900-1,200 This concentration indicates that the air is starting to get stale and needs ventilation
1,200-2,000 Poor air quality. Rooms with this concentration should be ventilated with fresh air as quickly as possible
2,000-5,000 Very poor air quality.  The room urgently needs fresh air


Sensor IT Air Quality Monitor implements a professional, industrial-grade Carbon Monoxide sensor that has the ability to self-calibrate, presenting a considerable advantage over other, cheaper sensors that need calibration regularly in order to remain accurate.