Sensor IT will attend the Portugal EUREKA Innovation Summit

Sensor IT has been selected by Innovate UK Edge to represent the UK, together with a number of other UK-based innovative companies, for the EUREKA Global Innovation Summit, to be held in Estoril, Portugal, during the week starting on June 20th.

The EUREKA Global Innovation Summit 2022 will focus on promoting green technologies for a sustainable future and on prioritising a smooth transition towards a carbon-neutral circular economy, tackling the challenges imposed by climate change on our planet, making it more resilient for future generations.
This GBIP will focus on ‘Tech for Green’ covering the main areas of:

  • Cleantech
  • Mobility and future cities
  • Space-oceans-earth: sustainability interactions

The Global Innovation Summit 2022 offers a unique possibility for selected businesses to network, exchange ideas, and develop business opportunities with businesses and other organisations from Portugal as well as over 45 other countries which are part of the EUREKA network.

Make sure you set up a meeting with us if you are to attend the event. For more information, get in touch with us.