Sensor IT Selected for the Newton Fund SOFI Project

Selected as one of the UK SMEs, Sensor IT participated in the SOFI Project, a co-venture between Innovate UK, Newton Fund and The Technology and Innovation Agency of South Africa. 

The SOFI Project, which stands for Scaling Out For Impact will join entrepreneurs and other partners from the UK and South Africa to co-produce and scale innovations that serve low-income communities and rural economies in South Africa to develop shared opportunities. Rather than seeing these communities simply as receivers of assistance, the SOFI Project recognises them as creators of value and innovative new solutions. Ultimately, we collaborated with UK and South African enterprises and communities to drive local economic development and ownership whilst also addressing critical challenges in South Africa. 

This was a great opportunity for Sensor IT to expand in a continent that could immensely benefit from technological advances, such as those related to IoT. As a technology provider, we will be contributing by providing expertise and skills to make this a great success story for the UK.

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