Sensor IT Exhibiting at Newham Sparks (London Tech Week)

Sensor IT took part in the Newham Sparks exhibition during London Tech Week. We successfully deployed our Air Quality Monitor as part of the event’s COVID-19 health and safety protocols. London Tech Week is an annual series of conferences in which government and corporate leaders, start-up founders and senior investors come together to discuss the power of technology for societies. Notable speakers who attended the 2021 London Tech Week include Hilary Clinton, Sadiq Khan, Alex Mahon and Sajid Javid. 

The Newham Sparks exhibition in particular provided the perfect opportunity for Sensor IT to locate itself within the leading destination for the data sector and wider digital economy in London and the UK. The event involved keynote talks about Data and the role it plays in jobs and skills of the future, and climate sustainability. 

Our Carbon Dioxide monitors were installed across the venue to provide proactive data that the organisers acted upon. Since the devices were fully connected by WIFI, all data was captured by a cloud-based dashboard and displayed through a standard browser.

The event took place on September 22nd, 2021, at The Factory Project, Factory Road, London, E16 2HB.

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