Sensor IT Follows up on the Digital Security by Design Programme

What is the DSbD

The Digital Security by Design (DSbD) is an initiative supported by the UK government to transform digital technology and create a more resilient, and secure foundation for a safer future. Through collaboration between academia, industry and government, these new capabilities will pave the way business and people can use and trust technology. The Programme is supported by a consortium of more than 30 of the world’s leading technology companies, academic institutions and researchers and UK government agencies. These include ARM, University of Cambridge, Google, Thales, University of Edinburgh, Hewlett Packard, University of Oxford, Innovate UK, Microsoft, University of Manchester, Digital Catapult, Linaro, Kings College London, National Cyber Security Centre and UK Research and Innovation.

A Bit of Background

Digital Catapult, has been running trials and inviting innovative companes to experiment with a potentially game-changing cybersecurity technology, the Morello Board, through its Digital Security by Design Technology Access Programme (DSbD), in close collaboration with the University of Cambridge.

Sensor IT was one of those companies selected for the Programme, and we completed our participation early on 2023, participation that sparked a series of presentations and conferences that we happily participated in.

Follow Up

Digital Catapult and the University of Cambridge have invited Sensor IT, through a competitive process, to continue their work with the innovative Morello Board/CheriBSD platform. This highlights the value we added to the programme, and we cannot wait to keep adding more in order to make the Morello Board the de-facto standard in online cybersecurity, which is what we will be focusing on.

If you believe, just as we do, cybersecurity should be a top priority in our globalised and hyperconnected world, get in touch with us and I am sure we can start a very interesting conversation.


On November 22nd, 2023, we presented our results, as part of our project participation, during the DSbD Cohort 4 final event. With this, our extension project is concluded, and we hope we will still part of this exciting and innovative initiative in the future.

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