Sensor IT and the SOFI Programme

The SOFI (Scale Out For Impact) Programme is a Newton Fund, Innovate UK and the TIA (Technology Innovation Agency) led initiative, aiming to create partnerships between companies in the UK and South Africa. This is important as it helps bring about solutions to. disadvantaged communities through innovation and collaboration. 

Sensor IT was selected for the programme as part of the UK contingent, and we have partnered with BN Aqua a South African startup. BN Aqua has developed a cutting-edge system that targets the purification of acidic mine wastewater to a stage that will be suitable for drinking or irrigation, and Sensor IT will be responsible for the digitalisation of the system.

Hopefully, this partnership will bring a great product to fruition, which we believe will not only add significant value to communities across South Africa, but will also create jobs and upskiling opportunities.