Multi-point Indoor Human Temperature Scanner

The Multi-point Temperature Scanner is a device that can be mounted on the ceiling and is capable of providing visual and audible feedback on an subject’s temperature, such as a human walking towards it, up to seven metres away.

This device is only available via pre-order. Please, get in touch with us on for more information.


The Multi-point Temperature Scanner covers a square area similar to the distance from the subject to the sensor (i.e one meter from the sensor would cover an area of 1 square meter), which gets divided in 64 measure points (8×8). This allows for the sensor to cover, for instance, an entrance to a shop, restaurant or a similar deployment.

Two different feedback is obtained from this device:

  1. Visual. The sensor displays the subject temperature through a 3-digit display.
  2. Audible. If the object’s temperature exceeds a programmable threshold, the sensor emits an alarm.

The sensor can be adjusted to different deployments and installation heights, providing high flexibility when it comes to deployment configurations.

This device is suitable for human temperature reading in indoor venues, such as shops, offices, banks, etc, as a Covid-19 prevention device. However, Sensor IT cannot be held responsible for their use as a prevention method, or otherwise, and the user takes full responsibility for its use. Should it be used to allow access to those premises being monitored, Sensor IT recommends to back up its positive readings (those that exceed the set threshold) with another handheld temperature sensor before declining access.