Our First Delivery of PPE to the NHS

Yes, it went out Today. We decided to support the Royal Free Hospital, in London, simply because it is our local. I was still a bit dubious as to whether we could just turn up with free PPE and that would be accepted, but upon arrival, it became quite clear there would not be any hurdles: the nurse minding the A&E ward wasn’t even protected with a face shield, so I hope she gets to use one of ours. I still can hear the “yes, yes please!” plea from her when we offered the face shields. It is amazing how this people are putting their lives on the line for others they don’t even know, and they don’t even have the necessary protection.

We decided to come up with our own design, since we wanted to bring the print time down as much as possible. Our face shield takes only about 1 hour and a half, and we believe is easier to assemble – we are using foldback clips, instead of drilling holes on the shield, as other designs do. Needles to say, all shields were individually disinfected and placed in individual bags before delivery.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you to all of you helping us during this horrible time, starting with the NHS but continuing with all those that are keeping the clock ticking. My most sincere gratitude.

PS: our campaign to scale things up is still open, although with not much success, as it seems. Doesn’t matter, we’ll keep pushing on.

3D Printers for face shields