Open London and Sensor IT

The Open London programme brings together London residents, large organisations, and innovative London SMEs to create and implement solutions to some of the most pressing socio-economic, health and environmental challenges facing the capital. The project is funded by the UK Government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund and delivered by Newable on behalf of the Greater London Authority.

Sensor IT was selected as part of the first cohort of this programme, which has now concluded. We are extremely proud of the solutions we presented, and developed, as part of the programme, which saw how we were selected as one of the best pitches in the cohort, which in turn attracted a grant, which we will reinvest in our R&D activities, as we do with the entirety of the revenue we generate.

As the result, the award we received allowed us to participate in the folow-up event, Meet the Open London Innovators, where London Local Authorities will actively participate and be the final judges as to whether our innovations are something to be considered by them or not.

The Meet the Open London Innovators event allowed us to showcase our Mould Detection solution. Newable, as the body responsible for organising the event, was fundamental not only during the delivery of the programme, but also in the marketing activities that followed up as the result of the completion of the programme.